Workdays on movie sets are notoriously long and arduous — 16-hour days and six-day weeks are the norm on many films. And whether the shoot is happening on a soundstage or on location, once the crew and talent are on set, they’re on set. No one’s popping out for lunch or to run some quick errands during the day, especially if the set is in the middle of the desert or on the side of a mountain. So if they can’t go to the food, the food has to come to them.

There are two departments that provide sustenance for hungry film crews: catering and craft services. Catering handles the hot, sit-down meals that are usually served twice a day. Craft services is technically for the “crafts” — the grips, costume department, makeup artists, camera and lighting crew — who might not have time for a sit-down meal.

The California Capital Film Office at Rancho Cordova has relationships with scores of local restaurants and caterers that understand the film business and the unique needs required to service actors and crew during production.