Full Service Production Company

We are a one-stop production house. From concept to completion.

Whether you’re looking for script-to-screen production or just need help finding a crew and supervising your project through post, the California Capital Film Office at Rancho Cordova can help. We can also help you take care of your last-minute production needs as well. Need a crew tomorrow? Give us a call. Need a crew next month or year? Give us a call. We have people.

Step 1, the script. We want to help get your ideas from thought to paper!

Writing a script is something that takes time and effort as well as skill, and many people who attempt to write their own script can struggle to accomplish getting onto paper what they imagine in their minds.  Our professional script writing team specializes in getting you the high quality help that you need and expertise that you can trust. We have writers with experience in writing full movie scripts to testimonials, and you can count on getting a high quality and comprehensive professional script once it’s completed. We work tirelessly to maintain an easy to use and maximally effective scrip writing service, so there’s only one place to go for the script professional writing help that you need. Ask us for a sample of our work, we’d be happy to send it to you!

Step 2, the shoot. We want to get that script turned into beautiful footage!

Our crews have filmed all over the world. Whether shooting in the heart of the Vatican in Italy,  or a tortilla factory in Stockton, we work with amazing artists that plan and prepare thoroughly for the unique nature of your production. So much goes into your project before the word “action” is yelled, so allow us to help you understand the process and help guide you along your path of taking your idea from thought to final cut.

Step 3, the edit. We want to edit that footage in a way that makes everyone who sees it, say “wow”!

Dark rooms, long hours, creative meetings and deadlines. We love it. Our post production team is invested in your success. We will burn the midnight oil to make your project feel like your own. We can help you brainstorm ideas and can provide valuable technical advice that will ensure success in the edit suite.

As 8K production and post production becomes more popular, we are dedicated to adapting to all the changes. We are  constantly training on the latest software and our engineers work to make sure our suites remain on the cutting edge of technology.

  • 8K/Ultra HD/HD
  • Adobe & Final Cut Pro
  • Editing, compositing & conforming
  • Animation and Effects